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Sunday, December 10, 2017


Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un: The US government underestimates every country but will be a big mistake to underestimate North Korea

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un: The US government underestimates every country but will be a big mistake to underestimate North Korea

North Korea has harshly attacked the US President Donald Trump, following his decision for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital. The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, renewed its description calling Trump a "dotard" in a statement released by the state media.

Trump and North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un have traded threats of war and personal insults in recent months as tensions remain high over the North's missile and nuclear threats.

Now the hermit state has joined near-universal condemnation of the US president's decision on Jerusalem, calling it a "reckless, wicked act".

"Considering the fact that the mentally deranged dotard openly called for a total destruction of a sovereign state at the UN, this action is not so surprising", a foreign ministry spokesman was quoted as saying by the state-run KCNA news agency.

"But this move clearly shows to the whole world who is the destroyer of world peace and security, pariah and rogue in the international community", he said, using epithets usually reserved for the North.

'Reckless, wicked act'

Trump's declaration Wednesday to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and relocate the US embassy from Tel Aviv sparked anger across the Muslim world, and drew expressions of concern and disapproval from US allies.

Trump has previously warned Pyongyang of "fire and fury", telling the UN General Assembly that Washington would "totally destroy North Korea" if it had to defend itself or its allies.

Trump dubbed Kim "Rocket Man" in the same speech - Pyongyang has tested missiles apparently capable of reaching much of the US mainland - and days later Kim responded with a personal statement calling him a "dotard", an obscure term for a weak or senile old man.

According to the latest KCNA statement, the North "strongly condemns" the US move to recognize Jerusalem as capital, and expressed "firm support and solidarity for Palestinians and Arab peoples struggling to win their legitimate rights".

"The US will be held accountable for all consequences from this reckless, wicked act", it added.

In another development: Trump calls for peace and moderation in the Middle East

Following U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, violent clashes broke out in the Middle East.

Now, Trump has called for calm and moderation in the Middle East and the White House issued a statement amid reports of clashes in the region.

The White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah told reporters in a statement, "The president has called for calm and moderation and we are hoping that the voices of tolerance prevail over purveyors of hate. 

The president does remain committed to achieving a lasting peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians.”

Defending Trump’s decision on Jerusalem, Shah said, "We think that the decision to recognize reality, and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is the right decision.”

When asked if the President was warned that his decision on Jerusalem would lead to violence, Shah said, "He’s fully aware of potential ramifications but we believe strongly that if you are going to be an honest broker in the Middle East, you need to be honest, and recognizing reality is the first part of that."

While Israel has welcomed Trump’s decision, it has resulted in outrage in the Middle East and opposition from many American partners and allies.

In an emergency meeting on Friday, 14 members of the UN Security Council spoke out against President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

While some members expressed regret, others reacted with anger at the 15th member, the United States.

However, this wasn’t the first time that the U.S. stood alone in defending its close ally, Israel, in the UN's most powerful body. 

Over decades, the U.S. has vetoed many council resolutions it viewed as harmful to Israel.

However, America’s recent decision is seen as a violation in the eyes of the rest of the council and most of the world clearly violates UN resolutions.

Other members claim that a decision on Jerusalem is an issue to be resolved by Israel and the Palestinians in peace negotiations on a two-state solution.

Since the start of the year, the Trump administration has been working on a new Mideast peace proposal.

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley told the council on Friday that the U.S. is more committed to peace "than we've ever been before - and we believe we might be closer to that goal than ever before."

Meanwhile, an IDF Spokesman said on Friday that the Israel Air Force struck two Hamas targets in Gaza in response to earlier rocket fire.

A commander in Hamas's armed wing, Mahar Atalla, reportedly died from wounds inflicted in clashes with the IDF earlier in the day. 

Hamas later confirmed that two of its gunmen were killed in the bombings. 

A Hamas source further confirmed that the two men killed in the strikes belonged to the group, which urged Palestinians to keep up a confrontation with Israeli forces. 

A spokesperson for Sderot said that one rocket struck the city of Sderot in Israel's south and the rocket caused damage to several vehicles, though no casualties were reported.

Local reports noted that the Nasser Salah Eddine brigades, a Palestinian militant organization operating out of the Gaza Strip, has claimed responsibility for the rocket fire.

The IAF fighter jets are said to have hit two targets, a Hamas training compound and an arms depot.

In a statement, the Palestinian Health Ministry said at least 30 people were wounded in the strikes, including six children.

Soon as local media organizations reported about the injuries, another rocket alarm siren went off in southern Israel - the fourth one in a day.

Rocket sirens were also sounded in Sdot Negev Regional Council and in Bnei Shimon. 

The IDF has reported that rockets were fired toward Israel from Gaza, but no landings have yet been discovered. 

Troops are currently searching the area.

Alarms were heard in several other communities in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip.

There were some reports of an explosion seen over the city of Sderot. 

The IDF spokesperson's office said in a statement that Israel's Iron Dome Missile Defense System intercepted a rocket fired towards Israel from Gaza.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


From the ancient time to modern translation, the Bible gives the prophecies of what's happening today and in the future

From the ancient time to modern translation, the Bible gives the prophecies of what's happening today and in the future

President Trump’s comment about Jerusalem being the capital of Israel and eventually moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to the new capital has caused violence and unrest in many parts of the Muslim world opposing that decision.

Even though many world leaders don’t agree with Trump because his decision has broken down the already fragile peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, what many don’t know is what Trump said is just a repetition of an old Biblical prophecy.  

Who owns Jerusalem? Both Israel and Palestine claim Jerusalem to be their Capital but God's words can't be denied until the prophecy takes place. However, many believe that Trump's decision is premature and even doesn't qualify to fulfill that prophecy.

The truth is that Jerusalem has been the Capital of the Jews from the biblical time of King David, until around AD 35 to 70, when all Jews were forced to flee from Jerusalem to other countries.What are we going to expect in this period of time?

Like in the past there is going to be an increase of political turmoil, unrest, and violence from Muslim countries against the Jews, and America.The burden or Oracle Israel will face will be lifted, says the Lord, who stretches out the heaven and lays the foundation of the earth and forms the spirit of man. Zechariah Chapter 12: 1-4.

In that day, says the Lord, I will smite every horse of the armies that contend against Jerusalem with terror and panic and his rider with madness.The inhabitants of Jerusalem are our strength in the lord of the host.

Zechariah chapter 14:2, reveals "For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle and the city shall be taken and house rifted and the women ravished and half of the city shall go into exile, but the rest of the people shall not be cut off from the city."

The world is getting worse because the Bible has been ignored or those who use it don't practice what they preach. If one will use 10 minutes a day to read significant scriptures in that holy book, there will be a change of heart to heal this sick world from polluted minds.

Israel is always Isreal, not different from the one we read about in the Bible. As written the Lord will go forth and fight against those nations as when he fought on the day of battle and his feet shall stand in that day upon Mount Olives, which lies before Jerusalem. 

The Mount of Olives shall be split in two from the east to the west by a very great valley and half of the mountain shall remove toward the north and half of it toward the south.

And if the family of Egypt does not go up to Jerusalem and present themselves the Lord will smite the nations that will not go up to keep the feast of Tabernacle. All nations will then come to Jerusalem to worship the king the Lord of the host. 

Does the scripture sound like a mere story to you? If it does then don't be deceived. Galatians chapter 7:6, warns "Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

Feeding and uplifting your spiritual life

If a car which is not a living thing needs maintenance to avoid a breakdown how could a human being survive this dreadful world of pressure, suicide tendency, stress, psychological problems without meditation and prayers?

Reading the Bible regularly will not only build you up spiritually strong but will also provide you enough information through prophecies made thousands of years ago about today's unstable violent world to be careful. 

Thousands of African children live in rural villages and therefore, have no access to electricity, yet they are healthy and happy

Thousands of African children live in rural villages and therefore, have no access to electricity, yet they are healthy and happy

Many can't explain the reason Africa, a continent which has suffered all kinds of cruelties including slavery, colonial brutality, Apartheid and medical crimes, yet the continent is happier and has the lowest suicide rate compared to Europe and America. 

The secret is from childhood, the foundation of an African child is built on either the principles of the Bible or the Koran. Also, the problems Africans encounter each day have modified them to be one of the toughest creatures on earth. 

The bush people of the Kalahari desert

The bush people of the Kalahari desert is a unique example.

Friday, December 8, 2017


Mother and child: Nigeria has the second largest HIV-Aids epidemic in the world

Mother and child: Nigeria has the second largest HIV-Aids epidemic in the world

Nigeria risks losing about one million of its citizens to HIV if its government does not take control of the full sponsorship of the treatment, an official has said.

The Director-General of the National Agency for the Control of AIDS, NACA, Sani Aliyu, said Nigeria must take full sponsorship of its HIV/AIDS programme or risk losing one million of its citizens currently living with the disease before 2022.

Mr. Aliyu, who stated this while fielding questions from State House correspondents in Abuja on Sunday, said taking ownership of the programme by Nigeria had become imperative in view of the dwindling resources coming from foreign donors for the programme.

According to him, at the moment, almost one million Nigerians are on HIV treatment with only about 60,000 of them being catered for by the federal government through “the “Taraba and Abia project’’.

He said about 700,000 HIV positive Nigerians were catered for by the U. S. government while remaining 240,000 people were being treated through funds donated by other global organizations.

He, therefore, warned that “if our major donors decide to stop funding HIV/AIDs programme, almost a million Nigerians will come off the treatments.

“I can tell you as a physician that if those one million people are out of treatment statistically most of them will be dead in the next five years.

“This is a national security issue. HIV treatment is now affordable and we as a country need to start taking ownership of the programme.
“As I mentioned to the National Economic Council, there is no programme on earth that is open-ended. No donor agency will come to you and say ‘I’m going to look after you forever’, It will never happen.

“So, eventually sooner or later those funds will dwindle and they will go away. At the moment, we have an opportunity; we have an opportunity because in the last few weeks we have just crossed the tipping point for the epidemic.

“The tipping point for the epidemic is when we have more people going on treatment than we have new infections, which means that the epidemic is on real downward trend and therefore we need to maintain that momentum.’’


Mr. Aliyu, whose agency supervises the management and treatment of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, expressed optimism that the country would be able to achieve the 90-90-90 percent objective (90 percent will have HIV; 90 percent are on treatment and 90 percent are biologically suppressed) by 2030 “if the momentum is maintained in the next few years.”

He disclosed that state governments had already agreed to commit between 0.5 percent to one percent of their monthly allocation towards HIV/AIDS programmes.

He said: “We are not asking for that money to come to the federal government. No, they keep their money but they commit to investing that money in HIV care in their states so that their health system can be strengthened; so that in the future they will be able to deliver their own HIV programme.

“By providing those funds we will be able to increase the number of people on treatment by 50 percent.

“If we know that we have two million people on treatment by increasing 50 percent we must have actually saturated the number of people on treatment.

“And with the HIV epidemic once you have more than 80 percent of your people living with HIV on treatment and biologically suppressed you don’t need to do anything the epidemic will die out on its own because the infectivity is so low that the efficiency of transmission is interrupted.

“So, that was our first prayer to the governors and I made the point very clear that most states are already budgeting the one percent towards HIV/AIDs but the problem is with the budget release.’’

The federal government in 2010 signed an agreement with the U.S. government, stipulating that both the federal and the state governments will set aside one percent of their allocation towards HIV programme in the country.

The Director-General said the federal government was conscious of the agreement “but it was the time the state governments implement it.

“HIV will not go away. You just don’t sit down and pretend it is not a problem simply because somebody is paying for treatment for your citizens. You have to sit up and do it yourself.

“I’m happy to say, the state governors agreed to that prayer and we will follow it up with them.’’

Mr. Aliyu also said state governments had agreed to remove all fees and charges for anti-natal care for pregnant women living with HIV/AIDs.

“Nigeria is right at the bottom of the list when it comes to pregnant women with HIV in terms of transmission.

“Thousands of babies are born in Nigeria every month with HIV. On average one in every three babies born in the world is a Nigerian child. We are covering only one out of every three pregnant women with HIV.

“Countries in the world had sorted out the mother-to-child transmission. It should not be impossible for Nigeria to do so.

“There are countries that have completely eliminated mother-to-child transmission. There are countries like Australia that have taken-off HIV from their public health lists of emergency.

“No child should be born with HIV in Nigeria. It is not fair, it is morally wrong, we have the resources to do this. We have only about 160,000 pregnant women estimated to have HIV.’’

He said the cost of treating a pregnant mother with HIV was N50,000 per year per and Nigeria could comfortably afford it.

He called on state governments to include HIV testing and treatment in their state and community health insurance schemes as this would serve as a long-term solution to HIV/AIDs funding in the country.


Mr. Aliyu had earlier in May called for treatment of HIV/AIDS to be included in the National Health Insurance Scheme of the federal government.

He said doing that would help increase the number of people to be placed on treatment.

A month later, in May, the Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole, announced free treatment for every Nigerian who tests positive for HIV/AIDS.

Source: Premium Times – By Nike Adebowale and Agency Report


Since the time Aids virus was triggered in Africa as a bio-weapon, like the Ebola virus, African leaders have ignored their responsibility to protect the suffering masses and demand answers from the US government over this medical genocide.

There are many reasons African leaders have acted irresponsibly on the Aids crisis which is decimating the world. We quote "He said about 700,000 HIV positive Nigerians were catered for by the U. S. government while remaining 240,000 people were being treated through funds donated by other global organizations."

How can African leaders demand answers from the US government over Aids and Ebola, if part of the money given to them to assist HIV-Aids patients end up in their pockets? 

This is the corruption of the Aids epidemic. African leaders enjoy the money of HIV-Aids sufferers. They don't even care to examine the medicines sent to Africa to cure or prolong the lifespan of the patients. 

In America, some people diagnosed with HIV in the eighties are still living but thousands of Africans die daily of the disease and the leaders think it's normal. There is time for everything in this world.